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Jud Nirenberg

nirenberg-bigWhen not writing, Jud Nirenberg  works at Control Risks, a global consultancy helping organizations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments and he serves as chairperson of the board of Macedonia’s National Roma Center. He has managed democratization and human rights projects and worked in more than ten countries, including Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Kenya, France and the United States.

He has been CEO of Europe’s largest Romani (Gypsy) political organization, the European Roma and Travellers Forum, overseen grant-making and training for Romani rights activists at George Soros’ Open Society Institute and been associate director of the US Association for UNHCR. He has been a guest lecturer at the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, an advisor to US Army Airborne and Director of Government Relations at the Jane Goodall Institute. He has also been an interpreter for clients such as the FBI and DEA.

He graduated from American University and received a M.B.A. from the École Supérieure de Gestion, the business management school in Paris.