St Germain and Feta Cheese!

I made two recipes this weekend that I just don’t have any name for. The first is a drink and the second is a cheese dish.

St. Germain is The Best Drink ever – it’s a French elderflower liqueur and is a little difficult to find (though I think it was partly acquired by Bacardi in 2007 and has been much easier to get ahold of since then). My favourite cocktail made with St. Germain is… well, I don’t know what it’s called. It’s three parts champagne, two parts St. Germain, and one part club soda/seltzer water (though I quite often skip this!) It’s lovely served in a chilled glass on a summer evening (or any evening really…)

The other recipe is something that pairs quite well with the St. Germain cocktail. It’s a feta cheese dish and I’ve no idea what it’s called (salad?) It’s very simple: you need a block of feta cheese, some cherry tomatoes, some fresh basil, a spicy jalapeño, cracked pepper, and some olive oil. Chop the cheese into cubes (without crumbling it, if possible) and place in a dish (I usually use a shallow glass dish). Half or quarter the tomato, chop the jalapeño into thin slices, roughly chop the basil, and add them to the cheese along with the peppercorns (if you don’t have any cracked pepper, use whole peppercorns and a mortar and pestle). Then, pour over some olive oil (enough to adequately coat all of the ingredients. I usually pour so there’s about half a centimeter in the bottom of the bowl. Place in the fridge and stir a couple times. Leave until the oil cools and thickens. Then, serve with fresh bread and salad and a glass of St Germain cocktail!!