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I know it seems as if all my posts are about DNA and genetic research these days – and while I do post about that a lot on my blog, there are plenty of other posts around (like the one I just added about flowers, here), so please just keep checking out all my pages!

Using the new Genesis Gedmatch website, I was able to do a comparison match with my two different raw data sets and people who match both or only one of them (and which one). I’ll list the top results that match both (and their closest oracle 2 population results) for both kits here:

OI (4th cousin range). The oracle states they are:

64.7% Mexican_CV ( ) + 35.3% Swede_Saami ( )

AN (5th cousin). 60% Finnish_East + 40% Tatar-Siberian or similarly Finnish + Saami-Kola (the 4 gives me Icelandic + Karakalpak (Uzbek) + Latvian + Saami_Kola)

EG (4th cousin). 80% Frisian + 20% Italian_Bergamo

KMM (4th cousin). 85% Icelandic + 15% Sardinian

JL (5th Cousin). 91% Danish + 9% Portuguese or similarly Dutch + Spanish

KH (4th cousin). 55% Spanish + 45% Belarusian

RB (4th cousin).

86.4% Fin_Saami ( ) + 13.6% Assyrian_Iraqi ( )

[see edit note below]

WM (4th cousin) 96% Belgian + 4% Italian_Bergamo

JI (4th cousin) 88% Scottish + 12% Turk (oracle match less than 1), 90% Scottish + 10% Assyrian (match of 1)

RB2 (4th cousin) 68% Swedish + 32% Albanian

There are other 4th cousin range matches with Frisian + Finnish Saami, Frisian + Saami, Scottish + Russian, British & Ashkenazi, Southern English/German + Abkhasian (Russian)…

In researching some of these results, I’ve learned some interesting things:

Icelandic: probably just parsing out Scottish, Scandinavian, or Finnish as “excessively northern” and plopping it into that category (as most of these regions have had a lot of interaction historically with one another). I also read that a lot of Scandinavian and Finnish DNA is commonly misrepresented as being British, Scottish, or English and my heritage from those regions may be much higher. Similarly, German DNA is often misrepresented as South English DNA.

Middle Eastern: I have a feeling that Assyrian, Iraqi etc may be a confusion between any Romany DNA we have and any Jewish-specific DNA we may have. Most of those people have similar amounts of S Asian/Indian DNA as me.  It could also be an over-representation of any ME DNA, as many Romany groups travelled extensively through these regions before reaching Europe.

Russian and Russian minority groups: Many Romany and Saami spent time (forcibly so) in Karelia, which is today NW Russia. There is also a NW Russian Saami group, the Kola, who are mostly integrated, I believe (may be wrong, if so please let me know). My Siberian, Native (Amerind/Beringean/Arctic etc) DNA might affect this and lump me in with these groups.

Spanish and Italian: I am not entirely sure about this one. I could have Italian ancestry, though my results on other sites show as Spanish. I am just wondering whether this is inferred from certain admixture results (going to look at a spreadsheet and see just how much I correlate with the Spanish/Italian populations there – my guess is not very much at all). It could also be related to the French result that I consistently see. If those relatives were from the Pyrenees area they could easily have originally come from Spain or shared Spanish DNA. One tag that consistently came up for me in both French and Spanish DNA was “Basque” – which is an area of NW Spain and SW France. It could also reference Iberian Jewish heritage. Not sure about that yet, either.

I would love to know the genetic admixture common to Suomen Romanit (Finnish Roma). I think it’s probably similar to Romanichal, except mixed with more Scandinavian and Finnish. This could explain why I get Swedish and why a lot of my matches have Swedish, as well. It could also explain the Swedish surnames that I find in my tree (Lumberg/Lundberg/Algren) as I’ve found Finnish Romani tend to have Swedish surnames. I find it interesting that so far I’ve found myself or my relatives placed in general Saami, Swedish Saami, Finnish Saami, and Kola Saami groups. My guess is that the admixture calculators for these aren’t particularly well defined and different tests pick up different reference points (so in one I may just be Saami and in another I may be Swedish or Finnish Saami).

Well, back to the drawing board I guess (I think I’m going to contact the top ten on my matches and see if anyone will get back to me – so far, only one person has).

[EDIT] – RB, the 4th cousin listed above replied to my email. She was adopted in the US in the 1950s and doesn’t know any of her birth family. So, back to square one!

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