Not That Kind

Nov 12, 2014 by

I was born into poverty. The aching hollowness of hunger; the hand-me-down clothes and too big shoes. Parents always working;...

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Remembering / pametlivo

Oct 10, 2014 by

I remember the first time I spoke out, the word “Holocaust” stumbling from my lips and falling heavily on the table in...

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Stories / Paramisa

Sep 29, 2014 by

Stories were woven into my life like threads in a well-worn blanket. Muted colours of the fields, forests, and hedgerows blended with...

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Magic and Magpies – Akha...

Aug 27, 2014 by

Our language is like a flock of magpies, gathering up glittering orbs of curiosity along the way, zmrzlina, škola, Indija .. foreign...

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Dikh. Dikh. Na Bister.

Jul 29, 2014 by

Look. Look. Don’t forget. I used to blame Maami Babka for being alcoholic; for my father’s violent drunken outbursts; for...

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Hedjoskero Gav

Jul 2, 2014 by

Our houses leaned against one another on the hillside like tired soldiers – this one missing a window, this one a door –...

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Education, Tradition, and the ...

Jun 22, 2014 by

  “te arakhel o Del” God forbid you learn your own traditions, my father would spit at me whenever I brought...

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From words, Laveha

Jun 6, 2014 by

“This is the truth, not just a poem”  – Linda Hogan As a child I was constantly reminded that for Roma, words are...

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Bijando Djives, Romano Djives

Apr 10, 2014 by

I was born on the sweet breath of some spring morning near Bardejov in Slovakia, squalling and pink. The actual day is up for debate,...

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Papo Jiv the Baba Jagoři

Feb 3, 2014 by

Trudging through the snow this morning, I remembered a story my grandmother used to tell to me. It was about Papo Jiv (Grandfather...

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Never Forget

Jan 28, 2013 by

I won’t. I won’t ever forget this weekend and what it meant to our people. When I was a child, my grandmother would never...

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Karačoňa recipes

Dec 23, 2012 by

It’s almost here! I’ve scrubbed and brushed and tidied. The tree is up. The greenery is in place. The forgiveness has...

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