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Mukhas te dzanen sarine kaj o “8 Aprili Ushtiben” (8 April Movement) nane nevi organizacia.
Ni kamas te keras “nevi organizacia”. Nisavi. Salde te dikhas sar t’ovel maskar
amen, sarinen, polachi koordinancija. Jekhipe – ko godi.
O razismos bajrola. E neve-fasistora, e gavutne, vi e themutne, panden amaro drom.
Odoleske isi amen te ikljovas sar jekh ko Romano Themutno Dives (7 -8 shtartonaj 2013).

A dureder, te zurjaras amen isi te dikhas sar shaj te keras demokratichni transformacija. Phucel pe,
sar ko komputer, ko interneto, o Roma shaj alosaren pumare delegatoren, sherunen.

Agjahar te ikjloven maskar amendar manusha save isi len baro, chachuno mandato e romane
narodestar. Dzikana nane amen asavke. A o komputer, e mobilesa, ka del amen.

Ko komputer shaj keras virtualno mandato; jekh miliona, panch miliona, vi desh miliona

Nane amen ni phuv, ni them. Ama isi amen hakija/derecho te keras agjasavo mandato,
savo k’ovel Romano Themutno Mandato.

Akhal o “gadzo” – so dzi akana dikhel amen banges – isi les te del pativ/respekto
amare delegatorenge, sherunenge.

Sar te las akava drom?

Te mangen, shaj o ERTF/IRU, vi WRO, o ERU
ja aver, te len po vast akaja idea, akaja buti.
Te keren penge i demokratichni transformacija

Isi amen mitingo ano London ko 14/1/2013
duje butjenge:

1) Vash o Romano Themutno Dives:

Te kidas amen ko Purno Kurko (7 aprili);
ano parko – odothar te dzas pirindor romane
bajrakens/flakensa/zastavensa (soske o 2013 so o
80-engo bijamo dives e romano flako), thaj
ko drom ka vazdas plakatora:

Te manglan, amen ka vazdaz upre plakatora
save tumen kamen – “STOP GERMAN DEPORTATIONS”

Ka puchas tumendar te vazden odova “DALE FARM

2) Vash o Demokratichno Transformacija:

a) ka kerel pes Democratic Forum vebsiti kote k’ovel

b) mashkarthemengi komisia (ekspertora?)
savi ka dikhel sar shaj ko komputer te kergjovel
alosaribasko programo.

8 Aprili Ushtiben
8 April Movement

We are not forming a new organization.
Rather we want only to act as a front that
can bring together a coalition around ideas
that appear to us vital.

Across Europe, around the globe, there is
unchecked anti-Roma racism and violence,
Forced deportation and evictions, widespread
apartheid in education and denial of both
individuals and collective human rights.

Statements about Roma rights by UN bodies, and
the EU Human Rights Commissioner, recognizing
that the situation is getting worse, lead us to
realize that nothing will fundementally change
unless we unite and act together collectively.

That action is urgent and must take place in the
Romani quarters, in the mahallas, in the streets
of the capital cities and towns.

Therefore, we give our word that we shall
come out in the streets together next Roma Nation
Day, on 7 and 8 April 2013.

In the longer term, to meet the rise of anti-Roma
racism and neo-fascism, that now permeates much
of official policy, we believe there is a need for a
democratic transition within the Romani movement.

This democratic transformation can easily
be achieved by the adoption of computerized
electronic voting.

Therefore we propose that a dialogue
take place between activists in all countries,
facilitated if necessary by the setting up
Democratic Forum website and the
use of Skype Conferencing.

When sufficient agreement is achieved,
the next step will be the establishment of
a Commission to set out how best and with
what safeguards such a computer program
can be created. There will be a need for
hardware and software to make possible
large-scale electronic voting.

It is envisaged that a voter-bank will need
to be build up with the participation of
Roma in all countries. That this will provide
a mandate for a democratically elected
representative body.

Potentially this will represent an expression
of the the popular sovereignty and the collective
will of the Romani nation. It can come the vehicle
by which the legitimate demands for fulfilment of
our human, civil and national rights are placed
before the world.

Its strength will depend upon the will of
the people to demonstrate in person on the
streets of the world’s capitals – starting
on 7-8 April 2013 – and growing bigger
every year until our demands are met.

8 April Movement

Petar Antic
Toma Nikolaev Mladenov
Ladislav Balaz
Grattan Puxon
Lavinia Olmazu
Veerendra Rishi

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