I get asked all the time about whether any books have been written by Roma. The answer to that is a resounding YES! Not just academic works, not just by authors in the UK or the US – there are MANY Romani writers out there. They write stories, poems, transcribe their oral histories and narratives. There are so many wonderful writers and stories out there. One of the most beautiful books I’ve seen is “Molilese” by Medelaha El Ghali (Galija).


“Dinavelpe Liturgijake ašunimasa amalikane dilabimase katar Eparhija Bačko”

– Serbian translation: priča se čita uz zvuke Liturgije u izvođenju hora Eparhije Bačke

– English translation: story is read to the sound of the liturgy, performed by the choir of the Diocese of Bačke

“Molilese si paramiče andar o Purano foro, kaj sas thaj vadže vi akana pe kav baro them trajil jekh djilabarno. Pe uže xainga astarela thaj pijela, thaj djilabela an barvalipe thaj sumnalipe Phurederesko piresko. Lese šuže hacarimase djila pomosarena čiriklja amalikane čičirimasa thaj Roma save phirena dromenca pašaj xainga. Crdine gaja čukare djilabimasa avena te pe lavute incaren thaj indaren gov djilabipe. Gaja ašunipe po Ašunero bero areslo vi džikav Phureder lesko”

Molilese are stories from the old homeland, where there was still in this world a great singer. His songs lofty sentiments were accompanied by an orchestra of birds and Gypsies as they passed in the road nearby. Attracted by beautiful singing they came to play their violins and share that lovely sound.


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