Following on from the post I wrote about things my grandmother said, here are some things my Paapi said. Generally he spoke some old Lotfitka (from the family days spent in Latvia) and Servika, and some Anglo-Romani with the men. Most of the differences though seem to be more accent related (the long ā and ō sounds as well as aj and oj word endings)…

Bet me isom murš te kamav te javav me laveske xulaj

Whenever he had a problem fulfilling something he said he would do, he would say this “But, I am a man and I want to be as good as my word”. The older he got, it seemed the more frequent his use of this statement.

Eh, me jel, sir javindoj!

Often he would say this in response to Maami when she was fussing. He would mumble “ah, let it be as it will!” Sometimes, he would also say it if one of us were worrying about something.

Me hāra džinav, ke tu isan lačho mānuš

I heard this all the time when Paapi was dealing with the other men. As Baro Rom, he would have to resolve disputes all the time and he would start by saying (literally) “I know since long, you are a good man”.

Tute nani lovōre, sosa te kines e gres!

If any of the kids started asking for things, pretty much anything at all, Paapi would stick a hand on his hip and say “you’ve not got money to buy a horse!” I always thought it was funny, especially when he said it to one of the older kids.

I love doing these posts. Next, I’ll do one from my aunt or perhaps another from my Maami or my Dad.



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